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Criminal Negligence of the Third Reich

NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT: All portions of our project's descriptions presented here below are the intellectual property of its two authors, George Perantoni and Valerie Perantoni (except portions giving credit to others).  Likewise, all contents publicized by them in Kickstarter and related campaigns and all intellectual property from their 2018 revision of “The War of Lions” are exclusive copyrights of George Perantoni and Valerie Perantoni.


Murder by Nazi negligence – How did it happen?


(CONTINUED) In October 1944, Albert Speer's Nazi
Todt Organization had secretly requisitioned from
'Wehrmacht-Ordnance' delivery of a Munitions
Train of 
Fifteen Railcars Loaded with TNT.

Its secret purpose was to carry out the covert
implosion of "La Chiusa" Brenner railroad
tunnel, hence flooding the entire valley
 after Germany's abandonment of
 Mussolini’s Nazi-Fascist R.S.I.

By this time the Allies had been in Italy more than a year
and the Adige River Valley had become constant target
Allied aerial attacks along the Brenner Road
from our family’s town, Volargne di Dolcé, to
the Brenner Pass, where bomb-loads
had been dropped daily.

During these raids on the Brenner Pass, Allied pilots
took notice of mechanized Wehrmacht
units in
the vicinity of Volargne, grouped for rail-loading.



This short 4-minute video (below) is an excellent
simulation of the daily B25 bombing-runs to the
Brenner Pass by the US Air Corps in 1944. It was
produced and published by Doug Cook and Harry
George Jr. They created it by simulating the
flight directly on Google Earth imagery
over a 3D-USGS base map.

What makes this video excellent is the perfect 3D
view of the Adige River Valley as described and
narrated in "The War of Lions."  Natural features
such as mountains and streams haven't changed
since 1944. The communities, however, are more
populated and the video shows the new elevated
Brenner super-highway which didn't exist in 1944. 

Still, what you see in this short 4-minute video are
the same communities that existed during the war,
including Volargne (totally re-built), and also the
earby town of Dolcé, and 'La Chiusa di Ceraino.'

No doubt that the 'bird's eye view' originally
seen by the B25 pilots had to be almost the
same as you'll see in this video (below).

Sittin' out the war in Volargne, Italy.

Ever since the war's outbreak, the Perantoni family
had been staying in Volargne
 where Carlo had kept
the family's ancestral domicile since the 19th century.

Volargne is located next to the bountiful Valpolicella
wine markets, conveniently situated on the Brenner
Road & Rail Way, and
had been the anchor for our
family's wine export business since 1875.

This is where Carlo, Luigi, and Victor had often stayed
during their wine-purchasing trips from Poland to Italy.
But, because of the war, the family had been on
and extended stay in Volargne since 1939.

1944 was their 5th year of extended stay with no end
in sight. The previous year, the invasion of Italy
took place with Allied landings in Sicily and in
southern Italy. 
The invasion was making the war
increasingly real ... and it was getting closer. 

The previous four years Carlo's family had
grown to seven members which include the
newlywed spouses, Luigina and Maria, wives
of Victor and Luigi.
 — Two other families of
relatives stayed in Carlo's tenement also.

Below are 3 images of Volargne in the 1930's:
1) The Perantoni domicile. 2) River business district.
3) Train approaching 'La Chiusa di Ceraino.' 


The war comes to Volargne in 1944

Our town Volargne was situated in the bottleneck of a huge military
traffic jam that resulted from the 
Wehrmacht's panic retreat to
the Brenner Pass
 in Autumn and Winter of 1944.

Its specific location is between the Valpolicella wine region and the
adjacent Lake Garda region, where in the previous year Adolf Hitler
had established Mussolini's
renegade Nazi-Fascist command
center (the R.S.I) in the town of Saló.

Consequently, our region was kept targeted in the very
cross-hairs of the Allied Forces final offensives of WWII.

In November 1944, the infamous 15 covert railcars
packed to their capacity with multiple tons of TNT
had arrived at Volargne’s rail-yard for delivery
to Albert Speer's Nazi Todt Engineers.

Neither the Perantoni family nor any fellow citizens
of Volargne had knowledge of what the 15 railcars
contained.  H
ad they known of the alarming
contents they would not have slept easily.


 Sudden & utter destruction! - First of its kind.
 Nine months prior to the Atomic bomb!  

Carelessness and the imprudent disregard that Hitler's
Nazi Todt Engineers held for Italian citizens had caused
the murderous sudden total destruction of our town.

The secret plan of Hitler’s Nazi Todt Organization and the
negligence of their engineers caused the murder of
Volargne’s school-children, together with teachers
and nuns.
 All this happened in a single instant, while
the majority of adults had been away on slave labor.

The Nazi Todt Organization blamed the disaster on an
aerial attack by the U.S. Air Corps and then reported
it as a ‘military accident.’
  Instead, it was murder by
obvious negligence and disdain for the safety of others.

The blood of Volargne’s schoolchildren, the nuns,
the teachers, and others, is on Germany's hands.
To this day Germany has not apologized.

Even though Albert Speer had been tried at Nuremberg
for enforcing civilian slave labor elsewhere in Europe,
Volargne di Dolcé had NOT been mentioned
at the Nuremberg Trials.

Neither for enforcing slave labor nor for the
total obliteration of our town and not even 
for the murders of the school children and
the murder of their teachers and nuns


Who are "Hitler's Nazi Todt Engineers"?
Adolf Hitler considered them to be "his" personal organization of
great (super-Aryan) engineers. After having conquered the world
"his" plans (or fantasies) were to use Todt's Nazi Engineers to
great cities – Berlin, Vienna, Rome, etc. – and he (Hitler)
would be the Great Architect and Creator over all "his" works.
Accordingly, "his" Nazi Todt Engineers would continue to build
for "him" even after his death, after which "his Nazi Engineers"
would keep "his visions" updated – and they would continue to
implement "his plans" in order for "his successors" to finish
rebuilding the rest of the planet for "him" according to ... 
... "his" wishes!  (Repetitions intended)

Read about how Adolf Hitler had furtively managed to take
full control of Fritz Todt's engineers in order to achieve
world-conquest with coordinated reconstruction plans.

Read about why Hitler put the organization into the hands
of his very good friend, the ARCHITECT ALBERT SPEER,
to share his dreams of making it the Führer's construction
service dedicated to Great Nazi Rebuilding Works.

Read about how ALBERT SPEER would prepare the "Todt
for Hitler's post-war enthronement as the
delusion of Aryan World Domination.



But, it is largely unknown outside the local
Adige River Valley region. For it had been
left marginalized at most levels of Italy's
new democratic post-war government.
In 1944 the destruction of Volargne had
been ignored by the entire world, as it 
continues to be mostly unknown today

 However, the account is remembered quite 
 well by survivors and their descendants. 

"The War of Lions" will honor their memories



Reports about the destruction of Volargne went largely
unnoticed by all levels of government, as the escalation
of war had left Italian civilians with hardly any useful
administration. Therefore, the provision of aid to the
distressed and homeless residents of Volargne was
limited to procurement from local parishes, and their
loving parishioners. On occasion, 'unofficial' help and
provisions were offered by Italian soldiers assigned
to Axis Forces stationed in the R.S.I.

No assistance had been offered by neither the Wehrmacht
nor other representatives of Nazi Germany who dominated
the region. The culprits themselves, Hitler's Todt Engineers,
carried on by ignoring the disaster that they had caused, and
placing the blame on the US Air Corps. Also, they expressed
anger on the fallen American pilot for having destroyed their
15 train-cars packed of TNT needed for their cowardly secret 
plan to flood the valley, with its riverside towns and villages.
Now, having failed their mission, their disdain and contempt
toward Italian citizens has increased ten-fold.

Also, accounts and narratives of the disaster had been left in
neglected marginal records and minimized, all due to lack of
civil administration during northern Italy's difficult months of
the war’s heightened conclusion. Not until the 1970s & 1980s
have belated chronicles and overdue documentations been
made public, recording Volargne's unique history in WWII.

Collections of salvaged records and newspaper interviews,
photographs and testimonies of survivors are only some of
the efforts that local and regional agencies have recently
undertaken in
'reconstructing the destruction' of Volargne
 many years after the town had been rebuilt.

The necessity of producing this story for Film and TV will
give much desired refreshment to historical facts that
have been hidden far too long by the destructive
machinations of Nazi-Fascism.

... Swept Under Hitler's Rug. 

The winter and spring 1944-1945 were periods of huge confusion
and scarce resources for Axis Forces in northern Italy and notably
worse for the region's civilian residents. Even the newspapers and
their news reports had become scanty as they were being highly
censured by north Italy's R.S.I. regime.

Moreover, the highly disorganized Nazi-Fascist leadership
fell fast during the decisive Allied offensives of 1945 and it
was in a state of chaotic capitulation the next five months
after the destruction of Volargne. Thus, our town had been
given neither much attention nor care, after the disaster.

On 29 April 1945 the murdered body of Benito Mussolini was put on
a demonic display* in Piazzale Loreto, Milano, next to the bodies of
17 other top Fascist leaders, all of them hung by their heels.*

That day Italian Fascism ceased to exist* and Italy had been left
in chaotic shambles without a central government the next
13 months. 
More specifically, the Allied Military Government
(A.M.C) ruled Italy for 6-months
– until September 1945 – 
and then left Italian people under control of local city-governments
with a national infrastructure almost similar to that of medieval Italy.

The A.M.C  left orders to hold a democratic referendum in June 1946.
So then, Italy continued to remain completely de-centralized over
the following nine months.  During that time many wartime records
had been destroyed (or lost) due to Italy’s obscure and challenging
post-war politics. This way, Italy had no central government
until June 1946 ... but only chaos!

Twenty months had passed from the day Volargne had been
obliterated to the day that Italians held elections 
establishing a new republic in 1946. Still even then, a very
problematic period of post-war democratic rule had begun for
the reason that Italy's new multi-party republic
had to
struggle against a large powerful communist influence,
thus causing inadequate administration and lack of control.
Government leadership in Italy hadn't normalized
until the late 1950s.

Consequently, accounts about Volargne's catastrophe became
minimized and ignored.
  Some accounts referring to the destruction
of Volargne have identified it as having been a result of “war bombing”
which caused even more confusion because other historical accounts
that specifically address WWII "war bombings" in Italy do not include
Volargne because, in fact ... it had NOT been a bombing!



Volargne utterly destroyed, but not by bombs!

It was not the result of bombings! Not at all. Volargne
had never been bombed! 
In typical bombing runs of WWII,
civilians had usually been alerted and took shelter before the
arrival of bomber planes. Moreover, even the worst strategic
bombing missions of the pre-atomic period did not cause the
sudden and utter destruction of towns. 

The destruction of Volargne, instead, came without
any warning and the entire town had been destroyed
instantaneously!  NOT A BOMBING!

The engineers of Albert Speer's Nazi Todt Organization
had left their 15 train-cars packed full of TNT completely
exposed to the likelihood of enemy fire.
It was an obvious
target of opportunity, left conspicuously parked, isolated from
other trains, and guarded day and night by multiple German
soldiers. As 
should've been expected, it had been attacked!
Albert Speer's extremely perilous train had been detonated
by machine-gun fire from war-planes of the U.S. Air Corps
on a reconnaissance mission.


Instantly, Volargne had been flattened to rubble and dust,
killing at least 64 civilians including Carlo's sister Amabile,
and several of our relatives, and all the school children ...
while their parents were away on slave labor. 


The blast also killed an unknown number of Italian and German
soldiers and wounded hundreds more. The exact number of all the
victims is still unknown. By chance, that morning the majority of
Volargne's adults had been marched off as slave labor to
build military obstacles as requested by Albert Speer. 


CLICK FOR LARGE VIEW ---------------------------------------------------------CLICK FOR LARGE VIEW

murdered by disregard for safety of civilians

The explosion was so huge that its power forcefully bounced
across the entire Alpine region from alpine foothill to foothill.
Its ear-shattering blast had been heard throughout the entire
Adige river valley, throughout the entire Valpolicella and Lake
Garda region. It had been one of the largest explosions
on earth prior to the atomic bomb.

The headlines in the above newspaper state that about
"96 percent" of Volargne’s buildings had been completely
destroyed "like it was on Monte Cassino". 
There, however,
the destruction sustained in Cassino and the fortified Abbey took
over 4 months of bombing and shelling. In contrast, however,
the destruction of Volargne had occurred in one single
instant ... and the town was no more!

The majority of Volargne's adults, including the
children's mothers and fathers, had been miles
away to
 build military obstacles as slave laborers
authorized by Albert Speer. 

When the gargantuan explosion was heard, they were promptly
transported back. At their arrival they found Volargne utterly
destroyed. The town center, the church, the convent, and the
school had become rubble and dust, they found their
homes completely destroyed ... vanished ... 
and they found their children killed!


Credits: Gianfranco Policante & Pro Loco Volargne
Courtesy of Gianfranco Policante and Pro Loco Volargne
Courtesy of Gianfranco Policante and Pro Loco Volargne


U.S. Air Corps shares NO culpability in this tragedy

Reconnaissance firing on 15 suspicious cargo train-cars
in a rail-yard is nothing more than conventional warfare.

Surely, the American pilots had no intention to destroy
our nearby town, and the proof comes with the ill-fated
Air Corps' recon mission which had been almost entirely
doomed by the unexpected colossal explosion — which,
above all else — had even killed one of the pilots!


It should be noted that 2nd Lt. Edwin Screven Frierson
of the 57th Fighter Group/64th Squadron of the 12th
U.S. Air Corps was the unintentional ...
... sacrificed American pilot. 

2nd Lt. Frierson was 19 years old.
He was from De Soto, Louisiana.


Lieutenant Frierson's 'P47 Thunderbolt' had been taken
down by the unexpected surprisingly huge vortex from
the giant explosion that destroyed Volargne di Dolcé.

The other pilots made it back to their air-base safely,
but with damaged warplanes.

Lieutenant Frierson did not know that his sacrificial act
of firing his .50-caliber machine-guns on that perilous
Nazi train packed with TNT ... was in fact, an unbeknown
act of heroism! The explosives contained in those fifteen
dangerous train cars, that Hitler's Nazi Todt Engineers
had – unsafely parked – adjacent to our town Volargne,
were meant to implode the railroad tunnel of 'La Chiusa'
foothills for the clandestine and illegal purpose of causing
the Adige river to flood the valley, upstream.

The flooded valley would've created an Alpine lake that
would've effectively prevented pursuit by Allied Forces
from using the Brenner Pass — leading into Austria and
Germany — the last of many cowardly acts commited by
Nazi-Germany south of the Alps. A cowardly act of Nazi
desperation in their panic-escape from the noble justice
of Allied Nations.  It would've been an act of cowardly
self-preservation ... Nazi-Germany's sinful survival at
the cost of innocent civilians, thousands of citizens in
the unsuspecting riverside communities who ...
... would've been flooded without warning!

But, Lieutenant Edwin Frierson prevented the intended
terrible outcome that Nazi-Germany had in mind for our
fellow citizens of the Adige River Valley.

Just as 2Lt. Frierson had been totally unaware that firing
on that dangerous Nazi train would've taken his life, he
was also unaware that having given his life in sacrifice
was an act of heroism – for the lives of many.

Moreover, there's no doubt that the Lieutenant's heroic
service had thwarted the Wehrmacht's ability to regroup
and fortify a new defense north of the Alps. But instead,
unable to evade the Allied incessant pursuit caused the
Wehrmacht to lose command-&-control of their troubled
units in north Italy and southwest Europe. Consequently,
secret talks for 'negotiated surrender' began in Feb.1945
which led to Germany's FIRST "Unconditional Surrender"
in Caserta, Italy on 29 April 1945 ...
... while Adolf Hitler was still alive!

The victims of our town's disaster on 21 November 1944
have shared their lives in sacrifice with the courageous
pilot, 2Lt. Edwin Screven Frierson's Act of Heroism.


Lieutenant Frierson was wearing a pilot's "in case of death"
tag which requested to be buried near the site of impact so
that his remains might be easily found ...
... by the U.S. Air Corps at a later time.

His wish had been obliged by survivors of Volargne who
buried him in the shade of a cherry tree near ...
... the rail-yard where his P47 had fallen.

Accordingly, later his squadron recovered his remains.





U.S. Air Corps pilots had NOT acted with negligence

Whereas, the deliberate endangerment of a civilian
population is clearly against the 1929 Geneva Convention.

As a matter of fact, the endangerment of innocent civilians is
a top violation of the Geneva Convention's highest protocol!

Hitler's Nazi Todt Engineers had deliberately violated the top
Geneva Convention protocol, causing murder and destruction.

SPECIAL CREDIT is given to Mr. MARCO FARAONI, attorney,
who in 2012 published an extraordinary research book titled
"Missione 2662" —  subtitle translated:
"The Disaster of
Volargne from Allied Military Documents." Details
  about 2Lt. Frierson have derived from his book.


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